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Blackboard Help For Students: Blackboard Help

This libguide provides information to students on how to access library resources and services. In addition, information is provided on how to use Blackboard.

Logging Into Blackboard


If you are a student at RIC your login is exactly the same as your Network/Email Account.

Name: John Smith
Birthday: August 22, 2003
Student ID Number: 1234567
SSN: 000-00-1234

Your login would be :
Blackboard ID : jsmith_4567
(first initial, last name, and last four digit of your Student ID number)
Password : aug221234
(first 3 letters of the month you're born, day of birth, and last four digits of your SSN)

Having Trouble logging in?

  1. Make sure you are officially registered for the class.
  2. Make sure you are typing in your ID and password correctly (Your Blackboard username and password is case-sensitive).
  3. If you are officially in the class and you can't log in, you need to reset your password.
    • Resetting your password will reset your student Network/Email password as well.
    • Go to and follow the directions.
      Note: If you have trouble with password station (ie. it will not accept your social etc.) you need to go to the front desk at Horace Mann. If it notes that your birthdate is incorrect you can try jan01XXXX (last for digits of your social). If nothing works, the helpdesk will help you reset your password or submit a report if there is a problem.
  4. Still having trouble? Call the helpdesk at (401) 456-8803 and ask them to put in a work order for you.

Subject Guide

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