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Reserving Space in the Library/Using EMS

Rhode Island College rooms are reserved via the Event Management System (EMS). This how-to guide walks you through navigating EMS, provides the basics of requesting space in the library and even some helpful hints on planning events.

What is EMS?

Rhode Island College uses Events Management System (EMS) for requesting space and various services on campus.  

More information on EMS can be found on the RIC website: 

General overview: 

Instructions for RIC faculty/staff:

 Log in:

Video tutorials

Important Notes

All submissions for space and services made through EMS are considered REQUESTS ONLY.  Once you have successfully submitted a request, EMS will assign a reservation ID and you will receive an email notification that your request is pending.  Make a note of the reservation ID.  While NOT a confirmation number, this is a unique identifier which you will need if you have any questions while your request is pending.

Requests are routed to appropriate campus approvers who approve/reject based on applicable College policiesYou will receive a second email confirming your request once it has been approved.  **DO NOT ADVERTISE your event until you have received this confirmation!**

Please note that not all facilities are available for space requests. 

Limits on Use

The library reserves the right to limit facility use to those activities and events that are consistent with our mission and are operationally practical.

Access to spaces in the Library WILL NOT BE PERMITTED OUTSIDE OPERATIONAL HOURS under any circumstances.  Please check Library hours before submitting a request.

Approval of requests for use of space in the Library is based on adherance to our usage policies.  Failure to comply with these policies may result in future denial of requests for space.

Emergency Reservations

EMS requires that requests be made at least 5 calendar days before an event.  Exceptions may be made under special circumstances by contacting the approver.  These requests will need to be entered into EMS by the approver.

**Even if space is approved, not all services may be available on such short notice.  Requesters will need to contact service providers separately to confirm availability of services.**

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