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WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization that publishes submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks.


Some see WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange as a champion for freedom of information, others see him as a threat to national security.  With both Assange and the Wikileaks site under attack, his assertion, "Information wants to be free" will surely be tested. 


From the WikiLeaks site:

WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organization. Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public. One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth. 

WikiLeaks is the winner of:

The 2008 Economist Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award 

The 2009 Amnesty International Human Rights Reporting Award (New Media)

WikiLeaks has a history breaking major stories in major media outlets and robustly protecting sources and press freedoms. We have never revealed a source. We do not censor material. Since formation in 2007, WikiLeaks has been victorious over every legal (and illegal) attack, including those from the Pentagon, the Chinese Public Security Bureau, the Former president of Kenya, the Premier of Bermuda, Scientology, the Catholic & Mormon Church, the largest Swiss private bank, and Russian companies. WikiLeaks has released more classified intelligence documents than the rest of the world press combined.

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Public Library of U.S. Diplomacy

The WIKILEAKS Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD) holds the world's largest searchable collection of United States confidential, or formerly confidential, diplomatic communications. As of April 8, 2013 it holds 2 million records comprising approximately 1 billion words. The collection covers US involvements in, and diplomatic or intelligence reporting on, every country on earth. It is the single most significant body of geopolitical material ever published.

The PlusD collection, built and curated by WikiLeaks, is updated from a variety of sources, including leaks, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and documents released by the US State Department systematic declassification review.

Cablegate - the U.S. Embassy Cables

Starting on November 28, 2010, Wikileaks began the release of over 21,000 U.S. diplomatic cables, creating a worldwide diplomatic embarassment.  The sites below have information and articles about these WikiLeaks documents and the aftermath of their release.

James P. Adams Library  ·  Rhode Island College  ·  600 Mount Pleasant Ave, Providence, RI 02908