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Medical Marijuana

20 of the 50 states have legalized the medical use of marijuana, but according to federal law, marijuana is an illegal substance with no legitimate medical use. This guide will provide a starting point for research on all aspects of this issue

Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island


The sites linked below contain information specific to the medical marijuana situation in Rhode Island, including state laws and regulations. 

Rhode Island Department of Health Web Site Current information about the state's medical marijuana programs, including information about compassion centers, information for medical professionals, patients and caregivers, new patient registration, and links to program regulations and reports.

Rules and Regulations Related to the Medical Marijuana Program March 2006, as amended January, 2008, Rhode Island Department of Health

Rhode Island General Assembly report of the Senate Commission to study the prohibition of Marijuana, March, 2010

Rhode Island ACLU Documents relating to various aspects of medical marijuana issues in Rhode Island.

Marijuana Policy Project: Rhode Island - Up-to-date reports on Rhode Island legislation and laws regarding medical marijuana and marijuana decriminalization.

 Providence Journal articles and video on medical marijuana.

Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition  (RIPAC) a nonprofit organization comprised of local medical marijuana patients, caregivers, doctors, advocacy groups, and others who are interested in medical marijuana.

NBC 10 News reports about Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island.  Choose to view "by date" to see the most recent information.

Drug Agencies and Drug Policy

Medical Marijuana Information

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